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Welcome to our cozy corner of the literary world where we are fanning the flames of imagination, one page at a time!

Wagging Tales is a small publishing company with a big heart for fostering early literacy in young minds. We're true believers in the enchanting power of books to kindle imagination and spark creativity, and our mission is to weave stories that capture young hearts and plant the seeds of a lifelong love for reading. Come along with us on this wondrous adventure as we craft captivating books, offer educational resources, and cook up delightful activities for children. Together, let's ignite that lifelong passion for reading and learning!

Thank you for choosing Wagging Tales, where every story has a tale to tell, and every book is a step on the path to a brighter future through early literacy.

Author Cheryl L Jordan

As a lifelong lover of children's books, Cheryl understands the importance of instilling a love of reading and learning in children from a young age. Her own experience as a parent, with shelves overflowing with a variety of stories, has taught her the value of creating fun and engaging experiences to foster a lifelong love of reading.

Cheryl's passion for children's literature and her desire to share that with others is inspired by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, BC where she spends much of her time hiking and playing with her three dogs. Nature is her happy place, and reminded that "if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

Cheryl is excited to continue her journey in the world of children's books, creating stories that will capture the hearts of young readers and inspire a love for reading and learning.

Thank you for joining her on this journey.

Mama, Who Lives in the Forest

Mama, Who Lives in the Forest is the first book of a delightful series introducing children to the forest and baby animals. This book has simple repetitive text and soft watercolour illustrations that help children learn with fun. It is a lively, repetitive read-aloud story with age-appropriate vocabulary.


Little Rabbit Discovers Spring

Little Rabbit's friends help her discover spring through the five senses. Learn how each one experiences spring a little differently. Little Rabbit Discovers Spring is a charming picture book for children 3 to 5 years old written in simple, engaging text. The beautiful, friendly, and charming illustrations make this the perfect book to introduce spring and the senses to young children.


Coming Soon

The third book in the Little Rabbit Learning Adventure Series coming soon.

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