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Winter Solstice - celebration of nature with children

Winter solstice is a time when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, and it marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is also the time when the days start getting longer.

Winter solstice is often seen as a time of renewal and hope, as it marks the beginning of the lengthening of days and the return of the sun. Many cultures have celebrated the winter solstice for centuries with festivals, rituals, and traditions.

You can explain the winter solstice to children by using simple terms and examples. Winter solstice is like a special day when the sun takes a break, and we have the longest night of the year. You can also use a globe or a model of the Earth to show how the tilt of the Earth affects the amount of daylight we receive.

To help your children make the most of this winter season, we have compiled a list of fun activity ideas for you to try at home:

1. Have a winter solstice celebration! You can decorate your home with wintery themes, make some special treats, and have a dance party to celebrate the return of the sun.

2. Go on a winter nature walk. Dress warmly and take a stroll through your neighborhood or a nearby park to observe the winter landscape. Encourage your children to look for signs of winter, such as bare trees, frosty grass, or animal tracks.

This page has a special winter solstice-focused section with stories, books, crafts, and activities.

3. Make some winter crafts with your children, such as creating paper snowflakes, building a gingerbread house, or making pinecone bird feeders.

4. Have a cozy movie night. Gather some blankets and pillows, make some hot cocoa, and snuggle up to watch a family-friendly winter movie.

5. When it's too cold to play outside, there are plenty of indoor games and activities you can try, such as board games, puzzles, reading books, and cooking together.

As we approach the winter solstice, we wanted to share a few favorite winter books for children.

A young boy and his father need your help as they venture through the depths of a cold Canadian forest on their quest to find a moose!

Follow along as a family stack and rhymes their way to a snowy wonderland that celebrates all there is to love about this magical time of year.

Winter marks a magical season with many fun things to do each day. Explore how this mother and son find different ways to play together despite the cold weather.

An incredible story about a favorite winter season pastime in some parts of the world.

Miss Ellie, a lovable elephant enjoys all the imagination and fun that can be had on a snowy, winter day.

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